Before you dive into a partnership, explore whether there is a need for partnership and take the time to understand your potential partner(s).

Partnerships can be amazing! It is a beautiful thing when two or more organizations come together to share resources, develop a program or project, and improve outcomes or achieve results they couldn’t alone.

Unfortunately, the potential benefits of partnerships aren’t guaranteed. Partnerships can create more work for organizations or, even, become barriers to success. The act of partnering, in and of itself, isn’t what makes the magic happen. Thoughtfully identifying the right partners for the right project at the right time is the key to a successful partnership.

Are you ready to partner?

Find out if you and your potential partner(s) are on the right path by checking out the Partnership EXPLORE tools. These tools serve as speed bumps on your path to partnership, helping you to slow down and take the time to determine whether you should engage in a partnership and to understand the stages of partnership development.